Safe & Secure

We take the security of your child very seriously at Seesaws and operate a strict policy that ensures the safety of all our children and staff:

  • Each nursery has in place a stringent set of security procedures so that no one is allowed free access into the nursery.
  • Main entrances are secured at all times and visitors can enter the nursery only when they have the express permission of a senior member of staff.
  • All visitors are asked to provide formal identification and must sign the visitors’ book before an experienced member of staff escorts them into the nursery.
  • All staff are carefully vetted during the interview process and everyone undergoes rigorous enhanced CRB checks. All references are followed up and CRBs are reviewed regularly.
  • As part of their continuing professional development, all staff must attend courses to keep their skills up to date, including risk assessment, health and safety and first aid.
  • Fences and gates are always fully secured.
  • Play equipment both inside and outside is checked regularly.
  • Daily registers are completed so there is a full record of when children arrive and leave the nursery.
  • No mobile phones allowed in any area where the children are.

Parents and carers also play an important part in our security procedures:

  • We ask for passport photographs of anyone who is authorised to collect your child on your behalf and these are retained for our records
  • Strict security measures are in place if you or your nominated person are unable to collect your child.


All policies and procedures regarding security are available for parents to view at any time. As a parent you can have complete confidence and peace of mind that your child is safe and sound at Seesaws.