October Holiday Club

Hi guys,

Did you know that we have a Holiday Club running throughout all school half term holidays?

October Half Term runs from: Monday 29th October – Friday 2nd November 2018. Below is some information, however, feel free to give us a call or an e-mail  if you have any queries or questions.

Monday 29th October 2018 – Halloween Baking Day – £25

Tuesday 30th October 2018 – Ironbridge Museum: Telford – £30

Wednesday 31st October 2018 – Fancy Dress – £25

Thursday 1st November 2018 – Essington Farm Fruit Picking – £28

Friday 2nd November 2018 – Telford Park – £28

The price includes all meals throughout the day, activities, trips and travel.

Hope to see you soon!


Hi all,

It’s Halloween soon and we’re going all out for it. Each room are having a competition to see who can design and create the best Halloween decorations and displays. The winning room will get a prize for their children! Not only this, we will also be taking the children trick or treating around the nursery. Each room are decorating their doors as we speak. Instead of providing the children with lots of sweets during this activity, each room will be baking a variety of tasty treats beforehand and these are the items that the children will be taking home.

More details will be provided nearer the time.

I hope you’re as excited as we are!

See you all soon.

Whole ‘Latte’ Love

Good morning!

Guess what? Starting from Friday 5th October 2018 we are hosting a coffee morning. So, feel free to come down for some coffee, cake and crafts, from 9:30am – 11:00am. If you have any family or friends that would like to join you, bring them along. The more, the merrier! This is a chance for us to discuss our new promotions, new ideas and incentives. Why listen to us talk? If you have any queries or ideas, feel free to voice them. We’re all about trying something new.

See you Friday!

Toddlers Room (2-3 years)

Hello again,

I mentioned last week that our maintenance man decorated our Pre-School room, well, have a look at our Toddlers room. How lovely does it look? The Toddlers team have worked so hard to ensure the children have a vibrant and welcoming environment to play and learn in. A variety of activities are planned according to the children’s development and next steps, therefore the children’s progression is continuously encouraged.

The good new is, we still have spaces! So, why don’t you bring your children to come and have a look around our nursery.

See you soon!

New and improved Pre-School

Hi there!

Guess what? We have improved our Pre-School room. Our maintenance man has done a very good job at painting our room, which has given it a bigger and fresher look. The new Pre-School staff have taken advantage of this and changed the room around, adding in new areas of learning for the children.

Pre-School now consists of:

  • A thinking area: this is a comfortable space for the children to go to, when they need to think about their behaviour or calm down. It’s full of age-appropriate books for the children to look through and learn how to be a good friend, the diversity of their peers, hands are not for hitting and teeth are not for biting. As well as this, there are a variety of stress realise toys to help the children with calming down their behaviour.
  • A reading garden: the Pre-School team have brought the outdoors inside to create a calming and enticing reading area for the children to explore their favourite stories. Not only does this area encourage reading, there are also finger puppets for the children to act out their favourite stories with their peers, to support their imagination.
  • Circle time: the children now participate in a daily circle time where they discuss the day, date and month, as well as the weather and season. The children are given specific jobs to be responsible for, for that day; chair monitor, end of the line, line leader, cloakroom monitor and water monitor. The leading adult will also go through the children’s daily activities and add the required pictures to our visual timetable, which allows the children to understand what comes next in their routine.
  • Independence: we now have cereal dispensers for the children to choose and make their own breakfast in a morning. Moving through to dinner, the children now have their own dinner trays, identical to the ones they have in schools! Therefore, the children are encouraged to self-serve their dinners, as well as having a water dispenser for the children to access at any time of the day.
  • Academic activities: after our morning circle time, the children are split into smaller groups to participate in academic activities. Monday and Wednesday mornings are for mathematics, where as Tuesday and Thursday mornings have a literacy focus. Fridays are our fun days where science experiments are carried out during the morning and planned P.E. lessons in the afternoon.

Why don’t you come down and have a look for yourself. You can see the children in their environment learning and having fun, as well as speaking to the Pre-School team themselves.

Polly’s Play Bus

20170106_134844 20170106_134527 20170106_134156 20170106_134113 20170106_134042 20170106_133946 20170106_133931 20170106_132815 20170106_132843 20170106_133743 20170106_133807 20170106_133836 20170106_133755 20170106_133856 20170106_132707 20170106_132121 20170106_132113 20170106_132332 20170106_132312 20170106_132102 20170106_132230 20170106_132045 20170106_132228 20170106_132032 20170106_132217 20170106_132026 20170106_132209 20170106_132016 20170106_131928 20170106_131951 20170106_132002 20170106_132008The children had a fun time in Polly’s Play Bus!

Children in Need

Well done for all the children for joining in with our pyjama day and for all those who donated to Children In Need!

Newsletter Winter 2016


Macmillan Coffee Morning

Thanks to everyone that came and donated their cakes for Macmillan cancer research. We raised £155.10!! 

Children in Need 2016

Join is for children in need. Wear your pyjamas and donate what you can for children in need.