Kids United Vision

Kids United Vision was set up in 2009 by young people highly motivated to make an impact beyond just donating to a charity. They wanted to make a difference to the lives of orphaned children living in poverty in the developing world. This charity goes beyond race, religion or background and volunteers understand the huge role education plays in helping to lift children out of poverty.

As Nelson Mandela once said education is the most powerful weapon with which you can ….. change the world.

Our Involvement

Some years ago, Seesaws became involved in a big project for children in Malawi and raised several thousand pounds as a Company over a period of two years.

We feel it is time again for our children to become involved in another equally worthwhile project – Kids United Vision, a charity in which children support other children less fortunate than themselves. 

Seesaws has pledged its support for the next two years initially and would ask you our parents, for your support with this. Our children will learn about schools and what it is like living in these countries and we hope to have direct links with some of the projects being undertaken.

Seesaws will match fund all donations so that we can really make a great start to our involvement with KUV.

This year we will be publishing a list of events for our children to get involved with as they learn more about the children they are helping. We would welcome any ideas, suggestions or offers of help along the way.

On behalf of the Directors of Seesaws I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you once again for your support this year in all our fundraising. I still look at my own children, Nick now 26, adopted as a baby from Romania, and Harriett 20 adopted at 10 months old from mainland China, and I think of all the joy and happiness they have brought over the years to my late husband James and I and of course more recently to my husband Jim. I recall the many other children we left behind all those years ago, and I know without a doubt that involvement in KUV can only enhance the lives of children who have no one else to stand up for them or give them a way out of poverty. There are so many children in this world to help; thank you for supporting us in helping a few of them.

We wish you a very blessed and happy Christmas

Lady Jayne Ackers, Jim McMaster, Claire Slater, Julie Pedley-Smith and Tony Taylor – Directors of Seesaws


The founders of KUV seek to overcome poverty by investing in education through various initiatives throughout Europe and the USA and then distributing those funds for the benefit of orphans in Asia, Africa and North America.

The values of KUV are:

  • Diversity – helping all children regardless of race or religion
  • Transparency – every penny raised is donated directly to the orphans in need
  • Empowerment – empowering children through education
  • Aspiration – supporting aspiration to rise out of poverty
  • Global – to have an international impact

Unlike many other charities ALL money raised by KUV goes directly to help improve education conditions for orphans in need. All administration costs are borne by the KUV Trustees.

How Can Seesaws Day Nurseries Help?

Children at Seesaws are taught to respect others and think of people and children who are not as lucky as they are.

This is one of our fundamental values!

Kids United Vision is a charity run by young people who are out making a difference to the lives of orphaned children in a practical ‘hands on’ way. It focuses on getting children to support other children by learning about them and the places they live in and by raising funds to greatly improve the education of these children.

Money raised is spent by the charity itself to provide educational materials such as pens, books, paper, etc. Every cost in running the charity is borne by the trustees and costs are kept low by individuals volunteering and donating their own time on the ground.

Young adults and university students are leading the way in helping orphans in India, Iraq, Mexico, Uganda and Sierra Leone by reaching out to children in the West to help raise funds.

To learn more, visit the website