Choosing the right nursery

Seesaws notes for parents:  important points to consider

As a discerning parent myself I know how hard it is for parents when choosing  a nursery – where do you start and what is it important to look for. Is it enough to just feel the atmosphere is right? Can you imagine your child in the setting being looked after by the staff?

Because it is not a decision to be taken lightly we have put together an information sheet outlining the main helpful points to look for when choosing a nursery. Parents will receive a copy of this when they visit one of our nurseries.

Briefly our leaflet looks at

  • Seal of approval – registration, Ofsted reports, Quality Assurance

    Happy, Clean and Safe – decor, meals, atmosphere, hygiene standards, activities, security, safety, staff, outings, extra services, external visitors to nursery ie dance, music, etc

  • Ratios – minimum standards information
  • High standards- staff qualifications, parent partnership, key carers, flexibility, payment methods
  • Your visit – settling – ins, how did you feel?

For the full  information sheet with all the information please ask the Nursery Manager when viewing.