Babies and tweenies

Babies and Tweenies

Each Seesaws Day Nursery has a secure baby suite that is separate from other areas.

These are all large, bright, airy rooms and are designed specifically for the needs of babies aged six weeks to 12 months and 12 months to 2 years old.

Your little one will get all the love and attention he/she needs here. We look after between three and nine babies  in each room and operate a 1:3 staff: baby ratio, so it means there is no shortage of quality time and cuddles with your baby.

Our suites have integrated sleeping areas, but there is also plenty of space for children to enjoy a wide range of activities. We include  high quality, stimulating toys and equipment for your little one to enjoy, providing stepping stones for development at this important stage.

We know how important routine is for you and your baby, so whenever possible we keep to the feeding and sleeping schedule you have at home. Grandparents and parents are welcome to visit their little one in the baby suite at any time.

Nappies are provided.

Meal Times

We provide all formula milk, although breastfeeding mums are welcome to come and feed their baby or provide expressed breast milk.

Each nursery has its own professional cook, who caters for any special dietary requirements and provides freshly prepared weaning foods. Babies are fed on demand.

Working with parents

You don’t want to miss a moment of your baby’s day, so you will receive a daily diary, which will tell you when your little one has slept, had their nappy changed, what they have eaten and all activities that they have  enjoyed.

Parents’ evenings are held twice a year at which parents can discuss their baby’s development with our experienced team.

In line with our open-door policy, parents can discuss any issues with staff at any time in complete confidence.