2-3 years old

There are plenty of opportunities for your toddlers to have fun and learn at Seesaws.
  • The two to three year olds, have a staff: toddler ratio of 1:4, which ensures a lot of individual attention and small key carer groups, providing continuity and familiarity.

A range of high quality toys and equipment is provided, children may think they are just having fun, but these toys help them to extend their vocabulary, build their confidence and improve their skills.

Every day, the children learn through play. Our expert staff help them to:

  • Recognise colours and shapes
  • Learn songs and rhymes
  • Enjoy books and stories
  • Begin developing their drawing and painting skills

All that play can be exhausting for little ones, so the toddler suites have dedicated sleep areas so those who need a nap can rest on a bed, under the watchful eye of our staff.


At each nursery, our experienced cooks prepare fresh, home-cooked food for the children and all dietary requirements can be catered for. In the toddler suites, staff closely supervise the youngsters at mealtimes and encourage them to feed themselves when they are ready.

Working with parents

We work closely with parents, tailoring our care to support the routine at home.

You will want to know what your child has been up to during the day, so at home time our staff will take the time to discuss the progress of such things as potty training, food eaten and activities children have enjoyed.

Our staff monitor the development of your child and complete weekly assessments, which are used to plan specific activities that develop your child’s individual skills. We also keep an individual development folder, which contains a selection of your child’s work. You can ask to see these at any time. Each child has a key carer  who will monitor and plan for every stage of development.

We operate an open-door policy, so if you have any issues you wish to discuss in confidence you can speak to staff at any time. There are also formal parents’ evenings twice a year at which you can review your child’s development in more detail.